The commandment of the TIKKO in Rojava tell the attacks against Internationalist Batallion

The commandment of the TKP/ML – TiKKO in Rojava transmited informations and pictures of the attack against the positions of Internationalist Freedom Battalion, of which he his a founding member. In the struggle, the fighter of the BÖG, Muzaffer Kandemir was killed.

Information center : According  to the information provided by the TIKKO commandment in Rojava, at least 16 DAECH activists were killed in the attack on the positions of the Internationalist Freedom Battalion in Gentari.

A battle opposing the forces of YPG/YPJ and the forces of Internationalist Freedom Batallion, taking place in the military campaign of Rakka, against their assailants of DAECH took place in the Gentari Region.  The fighter of the BÖG and member of the Battalion Muzzafer Kandemir was killed in the fight.

« This kind of attack happen before »

On his twitter account, the commandment of TKP/ML – Tikko in Rojava declares this : « Today’s fights took place from 5:40 am to 2:30 pm. 16 fighters of DAECH were clearly shot down. Our fighters recover a lot of weapon and explosives on the bodies. »

The commandment also declares that an attack of this same magniture had already happen the week before, succeding to infiltrate some positions.

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